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Fast Track Your Best Year Ever

  • Double Tree by Hilton 225 Water St Binghamton, NY 13905 United States (map)

Just in time to set your intentions for your best year ever, learn to manifest your best 2018 with Jarin Kenyon Gustavo Gil, and Nicole Mastroianni. We are motivated to support millions of people to powerfully create a life they love through creativity, manifestation and self mastery!

Jarin Kenyon is the creator of the Fast Track Your Dreams Series that is currently touring select cities in the Unites States. The "Fast Track Your Dreams Series" is an educational and empowerment experience that will change your life forever. You will learn how to create in more a effective and efficient manner than ever before. Manifesting the goals, desires, and aspirations you have always had. You will learn how to make decisions that are always 100 percent correct for your highest good. This will lead to a life of purpose, prosperity, creativity, and freedom. Do you realize the power you have? 

Create the life you desire faster than you ever dreamt possible. 

The workshop will consist of three interactive experiences designed for great growth and transformation!!!

Fast Track Your Best Year Ever w/ Jarin Kenyon

Jarin believes you have the power to create anything you desire, through the power of your own brain. Learn practical and effective ways to steer your thoughts and feelings to the life you dream of, guaranteed. Create a life of purpose, passion, creativity, and prosperity. He will teach you how to use manifestation writing as a tool for creation!

Radical Passion: Envisioning Your Desires w/ Nicole Mastroianni

Radical Passion is a VISION BOARD PLAYSHOP for discovering what you want most out of your life for 2018. This is a brand new, holistic way to set powerful intentions for the new year — with passion. You will create a vision board filled inspired by your greatest passion and joy!

Its that time of year where we begin reflecting on what we have accomplished. Then, as the ball drops and we enter a NEW YEAR we begin planning how to achieve even more than we ever have before. We come up with our to-do lists, resolutions, bucket lists and strategic plans, all of the things we want to experience outside ourselves. These goals, dreams and desires are what motivate us.

Soul Visioning w/ Gustavo Gil

In this experiential workshop. Gustavo will invite you to be an active participant. Your participation will be key to come back to yourself and fully integrate and embody your highest potential. The focus will be on Co-creating a field of Harmonic resonance to help the group and yourself to access greater awareness. You will ground into the present using guided somatic awareness and breath work.

  • Releasing unconscious survival fears
  • Live in the world in full presence as your authentic you
  • Break through unconscious emotional and mental blocks that are keeping you from living in and from your potential



(lunch included)

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She is founder of Magical Dreamers, a Business Development and Digital Marketing and Administrative Support Agency for spiritual entrepreneurs all over the world. 

Nicole is also a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Transformational Movement Facilitator, and Manifestation Teacher lives enthusiastically and passionately from her heart. She says, "I am a Dreamer, Seeker, Lover, Foodie, and Holistic Practitioner." Nicole is motivated by the abundance of love that surrounds her in every moment. and is INSPIRED to educate the world on the importance and responsibility we have to raising the worlds vibration by loving ourselves fully and she is committed to guide 1 Billion spirited leaders in living their dreams come true.

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Gustavo Gil is a certified Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, and Evolutionary Guide. He has been deeply immersed for the past 11+ years in the areas of Holistic Healing Arts, Human Potential, and Self-Transformation and presently, He finds himself in the position to give back and share the gifts and tools that have supported him on his journey toward self-realization. He has used these tools on his own healing and awakening journey.  He is called to live his purpose and is honored to share them with you to help guide you back to your true self.

Gil's techniques will guide you way from fear, stress, anxiety and "fight or flight mode" into a life of inner peace, joy, and inspiration! Through his heart-centered transmission of high vibrational frequency energy, you will experience deep love and self-acceptance and enjoy taking moment to moment steps of divinely inspired action to become the highest version of yourself.