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  • Comfort inn 1000 Front Street Binghamton, NY, 13905 United States (map)

Fast Track Your Dreams, Human Design & Intuition is a signature workshop in The "Fast Track Your Dreams Series" that provides an educational and empowerment experience that will change your life forever. You will learn how to create in more a effective and efficient manner than ever before. Manifesting the goals, desires, and aspirations you have always had. You will learn how to make decisions that are always 100 percent correct for your highest good. This will lead to a life of purpose, prosperity, creativity, and freedom. Do you realize the power you have? 



This workshop will be co-facilitated by Jarin Kenyon, Christy Forsyth and Nichole Eaton from Clarity. 

Create the life you DESIRE faster than you ever dreamt possible with Jarin. 

You have the power to create anything you desire, through the power of your own brain. Learn practical and effective ways to steer your thoughts and feelings to the life you dream of, guaranteed. Create a life of purpose, passion, creativity, and prosperity using your Human Design.

Human Design is an evolutionary science that will change your life forever. Learn the unique and specific abilities you were born with to live your greatest and most fulfilling destiny. Learn how to make decisions that are 100 percent accurate and learn how different designs specifically interact with others. This is the science that will change your life.

Please go to to print out your free chart. You will need your birth time or give your best guess. Time is military so if p.m. add 12 to your time. If you cannot print it out we can help you with our smart phone at the workshop.

Christy will share about Intuition and that you are far more powerful than you realize! 

Her class will connect you with your intuition and learning to work with it to create THE best way to live your most successful and joyful life. Each and every one of us has our own unique intuitive gifts. Many of us just don’t know how to recognize or fine tune these gifts.

Join Christy Forsyth to learn the basic foundations of connecting with and understanding your intuition and reclaiming your power over your life. Learn to recognize your intuitive messages and strategies for building a stronger connection. Christy will also offer some tips/tricks on how to manage some of the challenges associated with being highly intuitive/energy sensitive.

Then you will be lead to Rock Your Soul & Upgrade Your Life with Nichole Eaton

Feeling ready for a shift? Maybe you need to upgrade your life! You will explore how your internal story might be stopping you from an epic life, and teach you specific techniques to shift into a better future through understanding how to work with your perception and thoughts to defy your own limits. It's time to stop reliving old stories and reclaim your life.

Find your power and begin to decide who you are ready to be. 

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